Saturday, October 9, 2010

50th birthday gifts

Wow, it is time to get ideas about 50th birthday gifts? Believe it or not your father or mother is going to celebrate his or her 50th birthday. When you are in the position of a child this age looks so far away from you, but here it is – the time to think how to impress someone from your family, because there is something big to celebrate, after all it is half a century of living and has to be marked in an appropriate way. 50th birthday gifts.

Of course you need to have a celebration. If you own a house with a yard then a garden party can be perfect for the season and for this occasion. If there is not such an opportunity you can always choose a small and convenient restaurant to be the place for your celebration. So gather all the friends of the birthday person and organize a nice party. It would be appreciated because everyone loves parties and this is such a nice event to get together all the friends. And along with the party you need some ideas about 50th birthday gifts.

Well, it is a big date so you need something to be remembered. May be you could like the idea what we did for our mother. Because she is working really hard and does not have so much time to rest and to do some things just for her, we decided to give her a day full of small surprises. It started with a nice massage, and then it continued with a visit to the hairdresser. When her hair was ready and her nails were polished we went to the store to buy her a new outfit. We got back home, and started preparing ourselves for the nice family dinner in a beautiful small restaurant. When we were at home we gave her another present. It was a golden ring but the interesting thing was that we wrapped it in a few boxes so that she can open over and over again. When she finally thought that it was some kind of joke she was really surprised to see the ring, which was decorated with her favourite kind of stone. She was so touched with the present and that made us feel really happy. But the surprises did not end here. During our family dinner we gave her another present, which was a new mobile phone. She wanted to change her old one for almost a year, but she did not have the chance to do that, because there was always something else she needed the money for. And the top of the cake was exactly a cake with four words written on it “We love you, Mum!”. So even that she was only with her family she spent such a wonderful time, surrounded by nice surprises and all the people that she loves, and she still remembers her 50th birthday.

A friend of mine did something similar, her family made her mother a surprise, but the present was a trip abroad, visiting few countries. First my friend gave her an umbrella for the rainy weather in England, then her brother gave her an Italian dictionary for the most common phrases that you can use in Italy, and finally their father gave her the plane tickets and then she understood what exactly the present is. It was one really nice gift because their mother had never been abroad until then.

So my opinion is to think of few surprises that you can arrange for your mother or your father, of course, considered with the financial funds that you have, but still it is possible to make something unforgettable and you can invent one original idea for 50th birthday gifts.

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