Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boyfriend birthday gifts

It is time to think about the present for your boyfriend. But there is one thing to be discussed before you are ready to go shopping, and it is about the things that are not quite a good idea as a gift for your boyfriend. Boyfriend birthday gifts.

Let` s start with all kind of cosmetics like aftershaves and deodorants. This is not really a good choice, because if you do not find the exact smell that he likes it can get awkward when he opens his present and finds out something that he does not like. If you are buying such a thing the only variant is when you really know his taste quite well and the perfume that you want to buy is an expensive one. In such case this is not a kind of cosmetics that you can afford to take every day. So you can use the occasion to get his favourite expensive brand.

Also it is not such a good idea to give him CD-s or DVD-s, especially if you are still not living together. You can not be sure that he does not have it, so it is better to stay away from this area. You can also skip giving him alcohol presents. First of all this is more like a business present, not so suitable for the person that you love, and second, do not push him to drink and experience hangover on the nest morning. At the end it all will be your fault. That is why you have to choose something from a different area.

If you know that your boyfriend is more like a music person. You have a lot of variants. For example, an iPod, which is always a nice present. With such a present you do not have to admit that you do not know what his favourite music is, because this is not a CD with a certain singer, just the device providing the sound. But if you do not want to buy any electronic gadgets, then choose as a variant to get tickets for the concert of his favourite band or a music event that he will like. The other positive thing about this kind of present is that you are going to spend some more time together, enjoying nice music.

If your boyfriend is more a practical type of person, then you can give him a tool set or a gadget that makes his life easier. For example if you see that the battery of his mobile phone is always low, a charger with a car adaptor is a very good choice. This is something that he can use for sure and he will be very happy to have it. On the other hand you will be able to reach him at any time, and the excuse that his battery is going down is not working anymore. Or you can take a walk to the store and see what other kind of electronics do they have and choose something suitable for your guy.

But if he loves parties or having friends around him, then you can organize a night out or a night in. It depends on that if he is more extrovert or introvert person. If he is an extrovert one, then a party at a nice restaurant with all his friends, and music and food and drinks will make him feel great. But if you know that he does not like noise so much you can organize one romantic dinner at home, cook his favourite food and surprise him with a good looking table and his woman dressed beautifully, waiting for him with the promise for one unforgettable night.

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