Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good birthday gifts

Another birthday is coming on the track. It does not matter if this is your child` s, your parent` s or your friend` s birthday. In each case you need to spend some time thinking about what will be the best present for your good friend of special person. Even if you can not afford the best present at least you need to find a good or original present. So let` s see a few ideas about such kind of present. Good birthday gifts.

A party is a classical present and you can organize one. Because everyone love parties! Food, drinks, music, fun and only good memories at the end of the evening. Having a party is almost necessary. Especially if it is a celebration of an important day like 16th, 21st or 30th birthday. But if you are not responsible for organizing a party then you need some ideas for inventing a nice gift.

To tell you the truth you do not always need so much money in order to make something nice and beautiful. For example you can create a personal photo album. For the purpose you need an album or a good looking book, some colored paper or garlands, glue, glitter, nice writing pen and of course some pictures of the birthday person and some imagination from you. You can use all this to arrange the photos inside the album as you like and to make some nice decoration on the front of the album as well as on the pages. You can also write few funny comments under the pictures.

If you are looking for another original gift then you also have some other variants. If the present has to be for a woman or a girl then you can make an order for a hand made jewel like earrings or bracelet, with some ornaments that the person likes. For example if she likes flowers or animals then the bracelet can represent exactly this. You can add stones that can fit the decoration, but do not add too much because such kind of jewel has to look gentle and elegant like its future owner. The material that the jewel is going to be made of depends on your taste and how much you can afford.

If the person who is celebrating is a man, you have an opportunity to make him also such kind of personal gift. For example, give him a set of beers, which brand is his name. You can make stamps with his name and put them on whiskey glasses or wine glasses. You can do the same with a photograph. Order a stamp of one photo and invent where to print it – on a special glass or on a special certificate.

And if you are a lover of funny presents then you can buy such a gift like for example- a surviving hat. You can put on the hat everything that you consider is funny or useful, like can of beer, a badge with a hilarious or wise sentence, some kind of tool like pocket knife, a cigarette and a lighter, a flash light and so many other things. Just use your imagination and you can create one quite original present. And there is something crazy and funny for women too. If you remember this famous student hats that you drink beer while you are wearing a hat with two cans on both sides, now there is something similar for girls. A bra with wine, it is functional and funny – you go to a party and you wear the alcohol with you.

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